Why I’ve Started Blogging Again

                                                                                                                         image source: Pinterest


So where do I begin? I guess with wishing you all A Happy New Year. A lot of change (all positive) happened for me in 2017; I learnt how strong I am and began to love the person I’ve become, I decided I wanted to change the parts of my life I wasn’t completely happy with and that’s exactly what I did. In September time I made the decision to start looking for a new job and career path, by October I had been offered the perfect opportunity for me to progress further in my career and work life. So I moved out of my family home and moved two and a half hours away to live with my boyfriend in Aylesbury. I spent December settling in to my new job, adjusting to life living with my boyfriend and missing my family! I spent a lovely Christmas with my family and my boyfriends family down South.

As the New Year has dawned on me and I’ve got over the Winter flu, my busy life has settled back down and I’ve got a lot more space and time to myself. As I’ve moved to a new area I’m making new friends but obviously I do miss all of my friends and family but I’ve really felt like something is missing. I’m a really independent person and I love to spend time on my own and I’ve been trying to think of getting a new hobby to keep me busy but unfortunately I don’t think Prosecco is a healthy hobby…

I actually started blogging in 2014 with my blog Magic Stars & Sequins and then progressed to What Chloe Does. I tried to keep this blog going whilst juggling a full time job, courses I was doing on the side and obviously being a 20 year old! Unfortunately it got to the point in 2016 where I was running out of time and just couldn’t keep the blog material frequent enough so I decided to give up my blog.

In conclusion, after a lot of thought I have decided to start my blog over again as a fresh start for the New Year and put everything I can in to writing good content, improving my blogging skills and material, uploading consistently and just have fun. My only goal with my blog is to fall in love with blogging again, enjoy writing and be proud of what I can produce. I also hope to make some more online friends along the way!